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Gadget to accept payments.


COBI.Bike sport


Phone mount with charging capabilities for bikes.


Makers Unite

Lovely initiative in Amsterdam and great products from recycled materials.
EUR 45


Makers Unite is initiated by The Beach, a design platform for social innovation. The Beach has developed extensive knowledge on co-design and co-creation, an expertise Makers Unite can take full advantage of. Our human-centered focus is new. Traditionally, refugee projects are set up top-down: refugees are not asked for input nor evaluation of the project. Our new approach won the What Design Can Do – Refugee Challenge Award, handed out by the UN Refugee Agency and Ikea Foundation, as well as a place in their accelerator-programme.






vanmoof makes and sells bikes. 2 brothers with a vision. Based in Amsterdam but expanding: Berlin, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Taipei, Tokyo,

Smart bikes with anti-theft tech.

Proof of concept: Pallet Sofa Configurator


Just to satisfy my own curiosity I made this configurator for a pallet sofa where one can pick their own colours. Only javascript used is for the Print button.

Play with it here: Pallet Configurator

MatPak - Interiors

The MatPak material presets for MODO deliver premium, high-quality surfaces as royalty-free materials for use in your MODO scenes. The "Interiors I" collection was created exclusively for The Foundry by star community member, and ArchViz professional, Tomáš Sciskala (aka Mytrixx).

The first collection in the series provides over 100 categorized surfaces delivered in the easy-to-use MODO ‘Preset’ format for a variety of interior surfaces including realistic carpets, flooring and wall textures. Delivered at up to 8K resolution, all materials are tiling-optimized for use in architectural visualization, product visualization and illustration, anywhere that realistic surfaces are required.

There are so far 3 matpaks available.

45 EUR per matpak

Modo Automotive

15 hours 20 minutes
Introduction video

Shift your 3D modeling skills into high-gear with this massive, in-depth, Modo Automotive video by cmiVFX. This video is over 15 hours long!

Throughout this lengthy tutorial we will go into deep detail about the techniques and aspects of modeling a production-ready car asset. Our Mentor, Mike Jagodzinsky, will cover everything from his simple blockout method to advanced Sub-D modeling techniques.

On top of that, he'll walk you through the process of making each piece of this model from separate body panels, to brake lights, to rims and tires. Also, near the end of this tutorial, we will go over added materials as well as added custom touches that will really add to the realism of our model. Get ready for a serious ride.

USD 79.95