Miniature Concrete Homes

A set of crafted miniature concrete houses.

Inspired by the best and most influential concrete architecture of the last century, these miniature concrete homes are designed to advocate and celebrate concrete's beauty efficacy and its incalculable contribution to creating and defining spaces in the modern life. Each piece is an individually complete space defined by volumes and voids that give the human imagination a glimpse into what could be lying inside. The nine concrete pieces come together to form a set that can be put together around the central 'Kund' to create a community space.

186mm x 186mm x 51mm (W x D x H)
Miniature Concrete Homes


In mijn debuutbundel Liefjes van een Straatdichter staat lieflijke poëzie. Zestig gedichten en dertig begeleidende illustraties maken deze bundel tot een cadeautje voor een lief of een partner. De bundel is per stuk, maar ook in grote oplage verkrijgbaar.


PBR materials search is a search engine for PBR materials.


The Arch Essentials Kit

The Arch Essentials Kit (Arch-E) for MODO enhances your workflow via a set of handy, custom-built C++ tools.

What’s included?

Seven new plugins incl. enhanced sweep tool.
Six re-mastered plugins from the popular mARCH arch-viz kit.
Five new artist-friendly plugins for making and aligning windows.
Online user guide with instructional videos.
3D window furniture models and test scene.

USD 27


Handy keychain with options to expand its tools.


Heckler OneLessDesk

In 2007, inspired by the classic tanker desks, Dean Heckler sketched his idea of a modern minimal computer desk. With the skills of fabricators in his hometown of Phoenix, the first OneLessDesk was born. Originally intended only as his personal desk, people who saw OneLessDesk demanded he make more.

Currently only available in limited production runs...


Modo Quick Tip - Rust

Rust and corrosion occurs when metal surfaces are exposed to the elements, primarily oxygen and water, from moisture in the air, or water collecting in creases and crevices. This can happen when protective finishes become scratched, chipped or wear off over time. Fortunately, there is an easy way to isolate these areas without the need of UVs and hand painted textures. This quick video shows one way of adding rust to the surface of your mesh in MODO.

Wapen van Haarzuylen

Lovely cafe / restaurant in Haarzuilens near the castle. Great terrace.

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