MODO Dynamic Parenting – course

In this course, you'll build a robotic arm, clone it, and learn how to animate a game cube using dynamic parenting. While this course uses modo 401 from a few years ago, every technique works today in versions 10 and 11.

USD 18.95

Modo Quick Tip - Exploding a Mesh and Baking a Normal Map!

In this video, Greg Brown demonstrates how to explode a mesh and how to use the powerful Texture Bake Item to bake a Normal Map.

Floor board generator

Using the Blender Add-on, you generate a surface with “real” geometry for your wood floor with planks. That will give a much better result for realism than using a texture. You have full control over plank size and other settings.

If your camera is somehow close to the floor or you must show some fine detail related to shadows, you should use this Add-on to generate the planks for a wood floor. For all other cases, a PBR texture of a wood floor with a normal map would do the trick with a much better performance.



Heavyweight is a design studio in Amsterdam run by Jurgen Ploeger and Robin Humphreys. Since 2011 we craft digital products for startups, established companies and agencies.


Abandoned buildings in The Netherlands

Andre Joosse's website about abandoned places in The Netherlands.


Repairing Buildings Without a Single Nail

In Japan, Repairing Buildings Without a Single Nail via The Loop


A hidden place in Vondelpark. It is said that here Pink Floyd performed at the end of the 60's.


Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

An online book by Addy Osmani on Javascript design patterns.

I usually stick to the The Module Pattern, sometimes going with The Revealing Module Pattern.

js design patterns.