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Modo Quick Tip - User Channels

This video is a quick introduction to User Channels in MODO, which are additional channels you can create that can be useful when creating controllers for an animation rig.

Nice short how-to video by pixelfondue.

Modo Quick Tip - Rust

Rust and corrosion occurs when metal surfaces are exposed to the elements, primarily oxygen and water, from moisture in the air, or water collecting in creases and crevices. This can happen when protective finishes become scratched, chipped or wear off over time. Fortunately, there is an easy way to isolate these areas without the need of UVs and hand painted textures. This quick video shows one way of adding rust to the surface of your mesh in MODO.

Pureref app

The simple way to view and organize your reference images.

official website

Modo Quick Tip - Exploding a Mesh and Baking a Normal Map!

In this video, Greg Brown demonstrates how to explode a mesh and how to use the powerful Texture Bake Item to bake a Normal Map.

Floor board generator

Using the Blender Add-on, you generate a surface with “real” geometry for your wood floor with planks. That will give a much better result for realism than using a texture. You have full control over plank size and other settings.

If your camera is somehow close to the floor or you must show some fine detail related to shadows, you should use this Add-on to generate the planks for a wood floor. For all other cases, a PBR texture of a wood floor with a normal map would do the trick with a much better performance.


End User Event 2016

I attended End User Event 2016 this year, for the first time and I have to say it's a great event. The number of people is just right to be able to connect with another and the speakers I went to see were all great. I wish I could have seen them all or that their talks would have been recorded but alas.