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Brick Visual

Brick Visual is an archviz agency in Budapest, Hungary.


A2Studio is het architectuurvisualisatiebureau van Nederland met een groot aantal uitdagende projecten. Met ons gepasioneerde en ervaren team presenteren wij ons als Visuele Adviseurs in de vastgoed wereld. Samen met onze gerenomeerde klanten werken we aan lokale en internationale projecten. Ons doel is het creeeren van adembenemende visualisaties met een verhaal om het idee van de klant maximaal te communiceren.


HEAVYPOLY is a collection of work by Vaughan Ling including spaceships mechs environments and creatures from the near future.

Studio Prins

3D Studio Prins is founded in 2012. Based at “De School” in Amsterdam. We like to work in the architectural field and are very familiar with the process.

End User Event 2016

I attended End User Event 2016 this year, for the first time and I have to say it's a great event. The number of people is just right to be able to connect with another and the speakers I went to see were all great. I wish I could have seen them all or that their talks would have been recorded but alas.

Uber ball: Advanced Shader Ball for MODO

A really handy item by Richard Yot to help develop and test materials in modo.
Also, his tutorials are excellent.