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Modo Quick Tip - User Channels

This video is a quick introduction to User Channels in MODO, which are additional channels you can create that can be useful when creating controllers for an animation rig.

Nice short how-to video by pixelfondue.

The Arch Essentials Kit

The Arch Essentials Kit (Arch-E) for MODO enhances your workflow via a set of handy, custom-built C++ tools.

What’s included?

Seven new plugins incl. enhanced sweep tool.
Six re-mastered plugins from the popular mARCH arch-viz kit.
Five new artist-friendly plugins for making and aligning windows.
Online user guide with instructional videos.
3D window furniture models and test scene.

USD 27

Modo Quick Tip - Rust

Rust and corrosion occurs when metal surfaces are exposed to the elements, primarily oxygen and water, from moisture in the air, or water collecting in creases and crevices. This can happen when protective finishes become scratched, chipped or wear off over time. Fortunately, there is an easy way to isolate these areas without the need of UVs and hand painted textures. This quick video shows one way of adding rust to the surface of your mesh in MODO.

Modo Quick Tip - Exploding a Mesh and Baking a Normal Map!

In this video, Greg Brown demonstrates how to explode a mesh and how to use the powerful Texture Bake Item to bake a Normal Map.

Mechanical Color

Mechanical Color began with popular productivity scripts and utilities for a 3D tool called MODO. (One of the many tools we use around here.) Today we continue to develop new tools in addition to design and visualization services.

Maker of several useful plugins for modo i.e. Zen and Render Monkey.

By Adam O'Hern aka cadjunkie

UV a pillow

Modo part starts at 1:04 in.

UV unwrap a pillow

  • Unwrap Tool: Group Normal
  • Scale out edges and align them, straighten them
  • Scale back
  • Fit UV's
  • Relax UV's

corona renderer

Corona Renderer is a new high-performance (un)biased photorealistic renderer, available for Autodesk 3ds Max and as a standalone CLI application, and in development for Maxon Cinema 4D.

Lately I have been using corona renderer with modo as modeller, exporting to FBX to Cinema 4D and then render with the Corona plugin. I love the easy of use of it both the render settings and materials. Some of the images I created with Corona:

Prague, Czech Republic
Ondřej Karlík, Adam Hotový, Jaroslav Křivánek
(Supported) Software
Standalone, Plugins for 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Cinema 4D macOS (alpha)


Based in Amsterdam, Postoffice is one of the largest post-houses in town, catering the advertising, film, TV and music industry. We offer a complete post solution that includes: editing, visual effects, 3D animation, colour grading, sound design, music composing and voice-over casting.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands