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Appelhout cases

iPhone and MacBook cases design and made in Amsterdam.

In our Amsterdam office we have specialized in cutting Wood & Kevlar cases for iPhone and wooden covers for your MacBook.

A small business in the centre of Amsterdam. Our company was born out of a desire to protect Apple devices by using natural materials.
We have developed, what we believe to be a perfect combination between natural design and protection. Below we tell you all about it.

Appelhout website

Floor board generator

Using the Blender Add-on, you generate a surface with “real” geometry for your wood floor with planks. That will give a much better result for realism than using a texture. You have full control over plank size and other settings.

If your camera is somehow close to the floor or you must show some fine detail related to shadows, you should use this Add-on to generate the planks for a wood floor. For all other cases, a PBR texture of a wood floor with a normal map would do the trick with a much better performance.


Proof of concept: Pallet Sofa Configurator

Just to satisfy my own curiosity I made this configurator for a pallet sofa where one can pick their own colours. Only javascript used is for the Print button.

Play with it here: Pallet Configurator